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about us

Our 10 Core Values


1. Deliver WOW Through Service: “We strive to do what’s right – what’s best – for our clients and not what’s easiest. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals.”

2. Embrace and Drive Change: “There really weren’t real estate teams when I started working for Mom. We weren’t the first ones to start a team, but our team, led by (judy johns), has created a large sphere of influence in the Kansas City area.”

3. Create A Lot of Fun: “Buying a home is incredibly stressful for people, so we want to do our best to make it a fun experience for our clients.” – judy johns, team founder.

4. Be Adventurous, Creative and Open-Minded: The johns family team has always stressed a sense of community, even for people who aren’t clients, including having a paper shredder company set up a truck outside the Keller Williams office for anyone to stop by for a “shredding party.”

5. Pursue Growth and Learning: “Part of what the johns family team does is make sure all of our team members are well-trained and equipped to provide the best service for our clients” – judy johns, team founder

6. Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication: “We are straight forward with our clients with the idea that we want to be solutions oriented.” – Steve Johns, team leader listing partner

7. Build a Positive Team and Family Experience: “I love the sense of family by every member of the team. When I transferred here, I was going to be here for a year. That was more than five years ago. I fell in love with our team, and I’m not looking to go anywhere.”

8. Do More with Less: The johns family team isn’t the largest realty group in the Kansas City area, but they’ve been successful on the foundation that “no one succeeds alone.”

9. Be Passionate and Determined: “We love working with people to help them find their perfect home. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible.”

10. Be Humble: “I knew of the johns family team before I started working for them. Their integrity is so high, and they are honest, down-to-earth people, and they recognize their clients as real people.” – Vickie Feitl, johns family team executive assistant

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You can’t help but be sold when you meet the incredible individuals with the johns family team at Keller Williams in Overland Park, Kansas. Greeting people with open arms is their philosophy, and even if you are not blood-related, you instantly feel right at home. They treat their clients and run their business as if you were part of the family. This is truly their business philosophy.

“Our team members and out clients are part of the family,” expressed Vickie Feitl, Director of Operations and who is a licensed broker in Kansas and Missouri. “Judy Johns and her family, Dave, Steve and Coach, brought Keller Williams to the Midwest in 1999. They have served well over 4,000 families’ real estate needs over the years. The family is still going strong and excited for the future, and one of their highlights is serving multi-generations.”

With nearly four decades of real estate experience to her name, Judy Johns is the consummate team player. With such an impressive resume, she could position herself at levels far above others, but that would be completely contrary to her style. “The familiar expression we all know so well is to treat others as you would want to be treated,” Judy noted. “However, our focus is on treating people as they want to be treated.”

Joining team founder Judy and self-described “ring master” Vickie Feitl, Director of Operations are Judy’s husband Ken and their sons, Steve, Team Leader, Operating Partner and Luxury Home Specialist, and Dave, Operating Partner and New Homes Specialist. Also a part of this dynamic group of Residential Real Estate Specialists are Christopher Ojeda, Kathy Grego, Anne Fraser, Mark Fraser, Nessie Searcy and Eric Hill, Transaction Manager.

Added Steve, “We understand that everyone has his or her own story and that one’s perception is one’s reality, and that is that person’s individual story. We get that and we want to listen to that story. The more we know the better we serve our clients’ needs at a higher level.”

While accolades and awards run rampant in their office, they do not take center stage. In fact, the johns family team remains hard-pressed to verbally convey past career praises, and that’s fine with them. It’s not about the awards, it’s about the rewards they get from serving their clients successfully. “We absolutely love it when our clients are happy and excited, whether they are buying or selling a home,” smiled Judy. “Our business is all about the people, not about the money.”

The johns family team are true team players and pride themselves on making the buying and selling processes seamless and effortless. Their use of current real estate technology is at the core of their business. One of the most popular tools they offer their clients is the johns family team real estate app.  This app is cutting edge and can be used by their clients on the go, wherever they may be, to find in depth information on listings in the area through GPS technology. You, too, can download this app today at www.jftapp.com or text KWKCHOMES to 87778.

“We anticipate our clients needs and provide tools for them before they even realize what their needs may be,” noted Steve. “We understand that if communication is open and often, they will feel confident throughout the process. It is our job to mitigate potential stress, guide our clients through the process and keep them informed and educated from start to finish.”

“In an effort to de-emotionalize the selling process, we talk to sellers about a house,” explained Judy. “And we talk to buyers about a home, because we understand what an emotional experience it is to purchase their next home.”

Of course, every successful business understands that keeping a keen eye on the bottom line is an integral part of the health of the business, but that truly remains secondary to what this family oriented team takes to heart every single day.

“Sure, we have to run our business by the numbers, but at the end of the day, it is all about transforming lives of buyers and sellers, as well as the lives of our team members. If we maintain our focus on that ideal, then everything else takes care of itself,” said Steve.

Despite their obvious prowess for the heart of real estate, the johns family team will be the first to admit they are not perfect. “If we are aware of something that needs correction, we immediately take care of it,” stated Judy. “We are here to correct, not protect” is our motto.

Added Steve, “We realize that there is always room for improvement, and we are constantly learning through continuing education classes, seminars, conferences and master mind groups. We want to make sure we continually deliver the best service we possibly can to our clients and not only exceed their expectations, but also our own in the process. When we grow as a team, we are in a better position to serve our clients at a higher level.”

Above all, engaging in a real estate transaction with the johns family team translates to experiencing exceptional caring customer service, open and honest communication, a positive experience delivered with purpose, commitment and determination, and most importantly, a successful closing process.

Once you become part of this dedicated family team, you will undoubtably also becoming a “raving fan.”

“It’s our pleasure and our honor to have delivered or that we will deliver in the future, the best real estate experience to all past, present and future clients,” smiled Judy.

For more information on the johns family team, visit them on Facebook at “kw – the johns family team”, online at www.thejohnsfamilyteam.com or call today 913-906-5454!

Download their mobile real estate app at www.jftapp.com or text KWKCHOMES to 87778.